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About Advantage Fitness

Advantage Fitness is the hottest new gym in the Newbury and Thatcham area. With the latest equipment and a great team, we aim to provide you with the best fitness environment possible.

AF Philosophy

Our philosophy is that a gym facility should have top spec equipment’s made to the highest standards and should be available for every type of user. We have one of the best equipped gyms from Swindon to London with state-of-the-art Watson kit which has been custom built to our specification.

AF Machines

We have multiple weight and strength training machines to target every muscle group (both large and small) in your body. AF has everything from lifting platforms and bumper plates to the glute-ham raise and reverse hyperextension, with new pieces of kit being added soon.Apart from the weight training machines, we also have a complete set of cardio machines including tread mills, stair mills, rowing machines, spin bikes and cross trainers.

Each combination (chest, leg etc.) has been colour coded to improve your training experience and to help you to navigate the gym, it looks pretty cool as well.As well as top-spec equipment, we have thought of everything including a dedicated lunge track and some great mirrors to give you great motivation and recognition of your results so far.

Whilst the gym can look scary to many, it's been designed with results in mind. Each bit of kit is the best available and rather than using typical machines that promote a limited range of movement, we utilise free weights as much as possible. Don't worry though, we will guide you through this process during your induction to the gym.

It's the little things such as the break-away benches allowing for greater safety whilst training and better results without injury that really positions this gym above the ordinary.

Bespoke Training Programs

We offer a bespoke training environment with access to top trainers and programs, you will achieve the best that is possible. If that is to prolong your sporting passion or just to stay young at heart (and ideally body), we can help!

In addition to the gym facility, we have top treatment available including ART (Active Release Therapy). We can help at points and are not just here to help you to 'lift big'. We will work with you during an injury, rehabilitation and strengthening to prevent further problems.

Why Advantage Fitness is the finest gym in West Berkshire?

  • State of the art Watson gym equipment’s for every muscle group (fully loaded)
  • Each bit of kit is the best available in the industry (rather than typical machines)
  • 5000 square feet working space dedicated just for the gym alone
  • Lifting platforms, bumper plates, glute-ham raise & reverse hyperextension
  • Colour coded machines for coordinated and knowledgeable training experience
  • Truly brilliant personal trainers onsite every day (certified and qualified)
  • Centrally air-conditioned, beautifully designed and ample car parking spaces
  • Qualified ART (active release technique) trainers for therapy and rehabilitation

10 reasons to join Advantage Fitness today…

  1. Affordable membership price (for truly world class facilities)
  2. No joining fee (plus no peak and off-peak charges)
  3. Monthly plans from just £40 per month
  4. Daily, 5-day and rolling monthly plans available (no long term commitment needed)
  5. Open 7 days a week (6AM -10PM weekdays, 9AM-6PM weekends)
  6. Owned and run by an enthusiastic local lad (not a corporate behemoth)
  7. All abilities, ages welcome (we absolutely love new starters)
  8. Personal, friendly and engaging atmosphere
  9. Clean and tidy male/female change facilities and showers
  10. Convenient location for both Thatcham and Newbury

If you want to know more about us or to book an appointment just call us on 01635 865786.

Membership options

We offer multiple options ranging from day passes, 5-visit passes, monthly or annual membership to suit your budget and situation.

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