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How AF is different

We could all reel off at least 5 or more popular high street gym company names right now, but could we pin point one that delivers actual results?

Often when we think of gyms we think also about their other facilities - pools, saunas, racquet spots and restaurants, but are these facilities ones we would want to use, to bring about a specific physical change in our bodies, or are they something we would just enjoy doing from time to time?

When you join a gym, you join with a specific physical outcome in mind. By far the most popular being to lower body-fat and to better define/tone your lean muscle. So why with over 9 million people in the UK using gyms, are we not seeing a ton of toned, strong looking men and women?

The reason is almost all the gyms out there are set up like shopping centres, with lots of services brought together under one roof, none more focused or specific than the next.

Advantage Fitness focuses solely on one specific outcome. As coaches, we look after clients whose goal is to reduce body fat, increase visible lean muscle and tone, fast! The equipment is designed to allow for the best muscle contractions, with the most advantageous of angles. The staff are proven professionals, with buckets of experience in facilitating this change, many times over many years.

You know that reducing body fat and having a more defined body will improve your quality of life, weather you have stopped to think clearly about why, is not always the case but let me tell you; you will be a happier and more confident person day to day, if when you go home and strip off, you LOVE what you see in the mirror.

New relationships, or the one you are in now will improve. Holidays are better and the clothes you buy will look and fit better. It is impossible to think of any event in life that wouldn't be made better, by looking awesome and feeling fantastic, having a high level of strength and feeling super CONFIDENT.

Advantage Fitness is Berkshires biggest independent gym. With the best coaches in the South of England working here, providing expert nutritional guidance and ground breaking training, with unique techniques - come and visit us today and take advantage of your own potential and smash open the doors to a new and better body and life…!

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We offer multiple options ranging from day passes, 5-visit passes, monthly or annual membership to suit your budget and situation.

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