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Chris Griffiths

Owner, lead coach & art therapist

You are here for a reason. A reason very personal to you. The reason you are here is important to me too! Achieving that goal will change your life for ever and for the better!

It’s easy to assume we know what we want. The goals we choose are fuelled by a deeper need, than we are always aware of.

I have been a Personal Trainer, Strength Coach and injury Therapist for 11 years.

I spend my days mastering the complexities of human movement and food, to guide and at times carry you, to where you need and want to be.

I am a fully certified Active Release Techniques and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation therapist.

You want vitality, a higher level of self worth and better self-confidence. You want to find it easier in social circles and relationships and to go abroad and shed the burden of clothes on the beach. You want to feel at ease, in your self and to love your self more….I call that a positive list of life goals.

This is what I see as the reasons behind the reason you train. You just may not realise these things are available. You may even simply be calling your goal ‘fat loss’. Now who’s heard that one before…….

Whatever your goals are, I strive to understand the driving reasons behind them. To understand those, is to understand you. To understand you is to understand one another and when we understand one another, we can achieve anything together, you and I!

Working in an industry filled with people who use it as a job, not a passion, I saw more than my fair share of people come and go around me, unhappy as they left. Therefore I decided to open a gym that was tailored for those like-minded people, who truly want to succeed in themselves, be pain free, be strong and achieve their goals. Achieving your goals is the number one reason you train.

You want to achieve and feel amazing. I want to make sure that happens for you. We are here with others, doing that right now. Come and join us. See you shortly.

I also offer a FREE one to one consultation to our potential clients(Inspite of my busy schedule as a business owner) with absolutely no obligation to signup. Please fill in the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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